Shakeology Autoship – Get Super Discount Shipping With Shakeology Home Direct

Beachbody now offers a popular Shakeology autoship program called Home Direct which allows customers to receive Super Discount shipping on all automatic monthly reorders of the Shakeology meal replacement shake. Placing a Shakeology Home Direct order is the best way to guarantee that you’ll never run out of Shakeology or forget to reorder, and it has a few other nice benefits as well…

Benefits of the Shakeology Autoship Program

While the added convenience of automatic Shakeology reorders is a great benefit in and of itself, there are a few additional perks which make this popular Beachbody program even more attractive.

  1. Super Discount Shipping – All monthly Shakeology autoship orders receive discounted shipping
  2. 2 Free Shakeology Workouts – Shakeology autoship orders also include online access to 2 free Shakeology workout videos

Also, it’s important to note that placing a Shakeology Home Direct order does not lock you in to any contracts or require you to stay a customer for a set period of time. You may cancel your automatic delivery order at any time.

How to Signup for the Shakeology Autoship Program

Placing a Shakeology Home Direct order is very simple, and only takes a minute or two…

Step 1: Click here to visit the official Beachbody online store.

Step 2: Select your preferred Shakeology flavor.

Step 3: Choose a serving size.

Step 4: Set “Monthly Autoship” as the order type.

Step 5: Specify the number of bags you wish to order.

Step 6: Last but not least, click “Add to Cart” and checkout!

Click Here to Place Your Shakeology Autoship Order