Shakeology Review by Dr. Samir Rao

Dr. Samir Rao’s Shakeology Review

Dr. Samir Rao Shakeology ReviewFor me, I think that number-one benefit of Shakeology is that it’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s a great source of low-calorie, high protein delivery. When I think about Shakeology in comparison to other products, the thing that stands out to me is how much protein you’re getting for only 140 calories. I’ve used a number of other protein shakes and bars and stuff over the years, and what I think I really like about it is, A) it tastes good, and B), to get 17 grams of protein out of 140 calories is something that’s not an easy thing to find.

- Dr. Samir Rao
Plastic Surgeon, Washington, DC

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