Shakeology Review by Dr. Randi Edwards

Dr. Randi Edwards’ Shakeology Review

Dr. Randi Edwards Shakeology ReviewOne of the good things about phytonutrients is that they counteract the oxidative stress that our body undergoes every day. So when our body metabolizes foods, we naturally produce chemicals called free radicals, which can actually do damage, oxidative damage, to our body. Our body has a natural mechanism to counteract this oxidative damage and the free radicals . . . but sometimes we overeat and we can create more [free radicals] than our body can handle . . . So the more phytonutrients you can get into your body, from a drink like Shakeology, kind of in synergy with your body, can fight these oxidative chemicals that can hurt you.

- Dr. Randi Edwards
Pediatrician, Salt Lake City, UT

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