Shakeology Review by Dr. Mark Richards

Dr. Mark Richards’ Shakeology Review

Dr. Mark Richards Shakeology ReviewThe mass production of agriculture in this country has done a great thing in that it feeds 300 million people. The downside is that they do that through fertilizing the soil, and the nutrients that were originally in the soil and got absorbed into the food are no longer there. A typical apple today has about 25 percent of the nutrient value of an apple from 25, 30 years ago. This means that we really do need to get our nutrients from other places.

With Shakeology, you have a combination of vitamins, trace minerals, nutrients, antioxidants, that could replace some trying to hunt and peck through 15 different bottles every morning. And it also gives them a lot of protein, less calories, makes them full, makes them satisfied—that really helps cover the whole nutritional aspect.

- Dr. Mark Richards
Plastic Surgeon, Chevy Chase, MD

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