Shakeology Review by Dr. Brad Wright

Dr. Brad Wright’s Shakeology Review

Dr. Brad Wright Shakeology ReviewThe glycemic index is kind of a measure of how quickly the sugar gets into your blood. If you have a high glycemic index, we’re talking about sugary foods, or white bread, things that the sugar gets into your body really quickly and you get this spike of glucose, or sugar, in your blood; it may be a quick burst of energy, but then it’s kind of like a Roman Candle. It burns out quickly and you end up with even less energy than you started with.

When you have foods with a low glycemic index, like Shakeology, you get a more sustained release of energy. Your energy levels go up and they stay up for a longer period of time. And it’s only 140 calories per serving.

- Dr. Brad Wright
Radiologist, Salt Lake City, UT

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