Shakeology Review by Debbie Tudor

Debbie Tudor’s Shakeology Review

Debbie Tudor Shakeology ReviewBefore Shakeology, I looked like I had something sponge-like under my skin. My arms stuck out akimbo. I WAS disgusted and ashamed of my weight. Ironically, the worse I felt, the hungrier I got…So it was like the dirty snowball effect, rolling downhill, picking up trash from underneath the snow. My health was on a downhill roll too.

Being hungry ALL THE TIME was my greatest obstacle.

My life was like one BIG Chinese buffet. I’d eat a lot and feel hungry again in an hour! And I didn’t know how to overcome it. I used to drive myself crazy craving something I knew I shouldn’t have. Sometimes, I’d actually be physically full, but emotionally hungry. It was powerful, debilitating, and totally irrational. I told my doctor that I desperately wanted to change, but that I just couldn’t stop gaining weight, and saw it as a moral weakness. He didn’t understand that I was HUNGRY ALL THE TIME—even after eating! When I asked him for diet pills, he prescribed antidepressants instead, which led to more lethargy and weight gain. Luckily, a friend told me about Shakeology. He’d heard about the amazing results others were having and suggested we both give it a try. I’m so glad I took him up on it.

My cravings and hunger pangs are finally under control.

I don’t have irrational hunger attacks now that I’m drinking Shakeology each day. With the leverage of this amazing appetite-suppression effect, I immediately began to lose the weight from all my years of bad eating habits. The very first month took 13 pounds off the scale…and off ME. Now I know why the talk on Facebook was so strongly in favor of Shakeology. I can finally get into my favorite jeans without feeling squeezed in.

I’m 50 pounds lighter—it feels like 100!

My energy is through the roof. I am achieving my goals because I’m no longer a prisoner to my food cravings. Shakeology has taken them away—replacing them with a desire to eat well and grow in good health.

I want to feel this good forever.

Shakeology is powerful! Now I have no problems controlling my cravings! My size is a third of what it was, and I look 10 years younger. I’m more flexible and stronger. My blood pressure is under control, and I’m off the antidepressants—due to Shakeology.

It’s become a good habit incorporated into my routine. It helps me refuel after a workout and gives me amazing power to resist food temptations. I now drink Shakeology every day, and I’m building better eating habits by using it. Shakeology has changed my body FOREVER.

- Debbie Tudor

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