Shakeology Ingredients – Hydrilla

HydrillaHydrilla, or Esthwaite Waterweed, is definitely one of the more interesting Shakeology ingredients.

What is Hydrilla?

The Hydrilla plant is of the herbaceous, perennial, submersed variety and is native to Southeast Asia. It is a major aquatic weed in Florida and much of the United States. Hydrilla stems can be up to 25 feet long, and when they reach the surface they can form dense mats. It can be found in all types of water bodies.

Is Hydrilla Healthy?

Hydrilla contains large quantities of vitamins and minerals essential for human growth and function. Among them are calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, zinc, copper, selenium, Vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

In addition, Hydrilla is an abundant source of the food compounds Beta-carotene and Chlorophyll, which act as potent detoxifiers and antioxidants in the body, removing free radicals which have the potential to disrupt cells and cause cancer.

Furthermore, Hydrilla is rich with the essential fatty acid GLA (gamma linolenic acid) which promotes healthy cell function.

Hydrilla and Vegetarians

Hydrilla is particularly useful for vegetarians, as the calcium, B-12, and iron found in the plant are difficult to obtain in a strictly plant-based diet. They are essential for maintaining mental health, carrying oxygen to cells, and reinforcing strong bones and connective tissue.

Otteliones A and B are also present in Hydrilla, which are useful as potential anti-tumor and antibacterial agents.

The International Conference of Health Sciences also notes that Hydrilla can improve gastrointestinal fuction, blood circulation, and aid detoxification.

  • Hydrilla in Shakeology – Each Shakeology serving contains 300 mg of Hydrilla.

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