Shakeology Ingredients – Flax Seed

Flax SeedFlax seed is definitely one of the more well-known Shakeology ingredients.

What is Flax Seed?

Flax (also known as linseed) is an annual plant, which is native to the region extending from the eastern Mediterranean to India, although today it can be cultivated in almost all corners of the globe.

The flax plant, Linum usitatissimum, was extensively cultivated in Babylon as early as 3000 BC, and by the 8th century, King Charlemagne believed so strongly in the health benefits of flax seed that he passed laws requiring his subjects to consume it.

Flax Seed Health Benefits

Flax seeds contain high levels of dietary fiber, an abundance of micronutrients, and omega-3 fatty acids.

The Omega 3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) appears to be beneficial for people at risk of heart disease, as it reduces cholesterol levels which might otherwise cause build up of fat deposits along artery walls and lead to a heart attack. Flaxseed oil may also have a protective effect against angina (chest pain) and high blood pressure, as well as utility as a good, natural laxative due to its high fiber content.

Initial studies suggest that flax seeds taken in the diet may benefit individuals with certain types of breast and prostate cancers. One such study from Duke University notes that flaxseed may stunt the growth of prostate tumors, although the findings from this research were not conclusive.

Further, the lignans in flaxseed may provide some protection against other cancers which are sensitive to hormones by blocking enzymes which are involved in hormone metabolism and interfering with estrogen receptors, preventing the onset of estrogen-related breast cancer.

Perhaps most crucially, flax may lessen the severity of diabetes by stabilizing blood-sugar levels. Because fiber takes a very long time to break down, when consumed with a normal meal, the fiber in flax seed can act as a ‘buffer’ from the blood sugar spike of digesting regular foods, allowing people with diabetes to better control their blood glucose levels and manage their diabetes.

  • Flax Seed in Shakeology – Each Shakeology meal replacement shake contains 200 mg of flax seed.

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